Strength factory
Strength factory
Factory Environment
We have 12 years of manufacturing experience in paint by numbers, the factory area is over 5000m², more than 100 employees, 10 production lines, the daily output is 20000 pieces/day.
Design Team

We have two online designers who can provide effect picture for free at any time.

The renderings will be refined by our designer, every detail is handled by hand, instead of exporting directly from the software like other suppliers.
Color Master
We have 25 professional color master to run 3,200 color libraries, usually only 2100 color libraries on the market, this make sure the pattern effect is 1:1 reduction.
Canvas Spray Printing
Lighter lines, the oily ink make sure the lines are clear and the thickness of the lines is uniform and round, it looks more advanced.
Strength factory
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